Scarring After Mohs Surgery

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How long will a lump last after Mohs surgery?

Question: I had squamous cell carcinoma of my temple removed by Mohs surgery and reconstructed by the Mohs surgeon.  It has been 6 months but I continue to feel a lump along the incision and my incision is visible.  Also the corner of my eye is pulled.  Will this improve?  How long should I wait?

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Discussion:  It is common to feel or see lumpiness of the incision for about 3 months after surgery.  However, if this has continued since then or it has been getting bigger you should see a physician immediately.  It is possible that this is a recurrence of your cancer.  If it is cancer it will need to be removed immediately.  If it is only scarring then there are various things that we can do to improve the appearance.

Most of the time the scarring can be addressed with non-invasive interventions.  Steroid injection into the scar can remove the lumpiness and even the coloring.  At times topical medications can help to improve the appearance of a raised and red scar.  Carboxytherapy, a novel approach where a small amount of carbon dioxide is injected in the scar, can also be used to improve the apperance of the scar.  Lasers can be used to remove redness and pigmentary changes.  Finally if need be the scar can be cut out and closed again in a proper method.

Key Points:

Cosmetic result after Mohs surgery is mostly dependant on location and the size of the tumor and experience of the person who is closing the defect.

Scar revision is addressed in a multi approach manner.

Experience matters the most.  You want your facial plastic surgeon to be especially trained in the care of the cosmetics of the face and a fellowship with the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery is a great way to assure that level of training.

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