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Jason S. Hamilton, M.D. is the Director of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for the Osborne Head and Neck Institute based at Cedar-Sinai Medical Towers. Dr. Hamilton has advanced training in plastic and reconstructive surgical techniques involving the face, head, and neck, and limits his practice to the treatment of these areas exclusively.

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Former USC (University of Southern California) running back Stafon Johnson who suffered from a near fatal weight lifting accident in September 2009, where a 275lbs barbell crushed his neck and larynx, has been signed as a free-agent with the Tennessee Titans. This is the crowning achievement in what can be described as no less than a miraculous recovery. Physicians Dr. Jason S. Hamilton and Dr. Ryan F. Osborne, of the Osborne Head & Neck Institute performed the life-saving seven hour operation on Mr. Johnson. Dr. Hamilton, Dr. Osborne, and OHNI voice specialist Dr. Reena Gupta also managed Johnson’s recovery and rehabilitation which enabled him to return to football.

Within months of the operations, Stafon was able to speak, eat, and breath much more quickly than expected. ESPN interviewed Stafon Johnson and his family while they discussed the injury and his recovery. His doctors, Dr. Hamilton and Dr. Osborne also discussed the severity of his injuries and the complications that needed to be considered during surgery.

Despite having many obstacles to surmount, Stafon Johnson has had a miraculous rehabilitation period. He was invited to play in the Senior Bowl, several weeks after the accident, a first step towards being considered for the NFL. Since then, Johnson has been signed with the Tennessee Titans as a free agent.


Dr. Ryan Osborne with Stafon Johnson
Dr. Ryan Osborne with Stafon Johnson


Osborne Head & Neck Institute Doctors at Stafon Johnson Press Conference
Osborne Head & Neck Institute Doctors at Stafon Johnson Press Conference


The doctors and staff at Osborne Head & Neck Institute are proud of the progress Stafon has made and wishes him continued success throughout his professional football career.

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