Repeat blepharoplasty, is there a role in this procedure.

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Can I have a second upper and lower eyelid surgery?

Question: I was under the impression that once upper and lower eyelid surgery has been performed, you can no longer have another blepharoplasty procedure. Is that true?  I had a blepharoplasty procedure done 20 years ago and lately have noticed that I again have the tired appearance around my eyes.

 Blepharoplasty Before & After

Discussion:  It is absolutely NOT true that once you have had an eyelid procedure you can no longer have another.  The goal of plastic surgery is to roll back the clock but from the moment you are out of the surgery room aging continues.  As the result after 10-20 years you may again notice stretching of the skin and wrinkling around the eyes.  In these instances a repeat blepharoplasty is indicated.

Luckily in most instances the second go around is not as extensive as the first.  If any fat was removed the first time, there is usually no need for further fat removal.  Most of the surgical focus of the second surgery is around removal of excessive skin and the return of youthful appearance of the eyes

Key Points:

Blepharoplasty addresses aging around the eyes.  Since aging continues after surgery it is possible to find a need for repeat blepharoplasty down the line.

Experience matters the most.  You want your facial plastic surgeon to be especially trained in the care of the cosmetics of the face and a fellowship with the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive surgery is a great way to assure that level of training.


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