Did Beyoncé Have a Rhinoplasty?

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Jason S. Hamilton, M.D. is the Director of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery for the Osborne Head and Neck Institute based at Cedar-Sinai Medical Towers. Dr. Hamilton has advanced training in plastic and reconstructive surgical techniques involving the face, head, and neck, and limits his practice to the treatment of these areas exclusively.

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Rumors abound in the press daily about which celebrity has had which surgery. Beyoncé is one of the latest celebrities to have the floodlights pointed her way. Speculation is that Beyoncé had a celebrity rhinoplasty sometime after welcoming Blue Ivy into the world. It was suggested that she debuted her new nose at her Superbowl performance.

beyonce nose rhinoplasty
LEFT: Beyonce’s nose during Superbowl XLVII pregame interview.
RIGHT: Beyonce’s nose during her Superbowl XLVII performance appears significantly different.

Dr. Jason Hamilton, Director of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute, and a specialist in African American Rhinoplasty weighs in.

The most common reason igniting debates about whether or not certain celebrities have had plastic surgery is that people are simply comparing apples to oranges (i.e. photos in different settings). Show business professionals are masters of camera angles, lighting and makeup, and use their infinite skill to insure that performers always look their best in any environment. However when we change the environment of lighting we change the image we see, especially in photographs. In my opinion, Beyoncé’s case is a prime example.
Speculation is that Beyonce had a recent rhinoplasty based on comparisons of photos from her past and those taken from her superbowl performance.  People are attempting to compare her nose from photos that have totally different make up, angle, lighting, and most importantly activity. Furthermore pictures taken the same day showing a different nose (see figure) clearly does not point to a pregame rhinoplasty as that would be impossible. So what makes Beyonce appear to have different noses on the same day?  Let’s explore the different possibilities:
      • Make-up: her make up in the two shots is entirely different.  Make up for a stage performer is always stunning and dramatic so that it picks up on wider-angle cameras.  The shadowing done on either side of her nose during her performance make Beyonce’s nose appear narrow and gives the appearance of a rhinoplasty.  This is not the case.
      • Angle: The most minor head tilt completely affect how light reflects off the nose.  Unless the shots are exactly at the same angle, judgments cannot be accurately made about the shape of the nose.
      • Lighting: The coloring, angle and intensity of lighting on stage cast shadows that are usually eliminated with more uniform studio lighting helping to shape the appearance of Beyonce’s nose on an off stage.
      • Activity: Stand in front of a mirror and breathe in very quickly through your nose.  Take a picture while you do this. Has your nose changed shape? If your breathing deeply, most likely so.  The nose is a dynamic structure that moves with facial expression and activity (breathing heavily).  In Beyonce’s case her high-energy dancing would affect the shape of her nose do to breathing causing the nostrils to collapse. If a photograph is snapped at the right moment…Beyonce just had a “rhinoplasty” albeit a photographic rhinoplasty.

Conclusion: It does not appear that Beyoncé recently had a rhinoplasty procedure.

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african american rhinoplasty

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