The Naked Vocalist Podcast Featuring Dr. Reena Gupta

About Dr. Ryan Osborne

Ryan F. Osborne, M.D. is the Director of Head and Neck Surgery at OHNI and is an internationally renowned expert in head and neck oncology. He has developed a special interest for the treatment of parotid gland tumors and focuses on the use of minimally-invasive techniques in the care of patients needing parotid surgery.

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Dr. Reena Gupta, laryngologist at Osborne Head and Neck Institute, was interviewed by a UK-based outlet. The Naked Vocalist, Steve Giles and Chris Johnson, is a podcast with information relevant to the professional voice user.

In their discussion, Dr. Gupta spoke about nodules. They discussed the definition of nodules, diagnosis and treatment. Other topics of vocal health were also covered.

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