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March 15th: NYC, New York  |  March 16th: Orlando, Florida  |  March 17th: Houston, Texas

LA Voice Club

We are proud to announce that the first ever LA Voice Club was hosted by the Division of Voice and Swallowing of the Osborne Head and Neck Institute.Our fellowship trained laryngologist and professional voice specialist, Dr. Reena Gupta, spearheaded this soon to become semi-annual meeting of professionals involved in the care and teaching of the professional voice user.The meeting was attended by several well respected vocal coaches and speech and language pathologists who discussed topics on how to best improve the overall care of the voice of actors, singers and other professional voice users.


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Top Tips for a Healthy and Powerful Voice

This is the first chapter of a series of helpful information geared towards professional voice users, presented by Otolaryngologist Dr. Reena Gupta, Director of the Voice and Swallowing Division of the Osborne Head & Neck Institute.


Tip # 1: The Importance of Preventative Voice Care

Dr. Reena Gupta gives a vocal screening exam.

Osborne Head and Neck Institute (OHNI) recently sponsored one of the largest international conferences for voiceover artists, VOICE 2010. This meeting has traditionally been a place for voiceover artists to meet each other and get tips and tricks to advance their careers.

A patient first brought this to the attention of OHNI’s voice doctor, Dr. Reena Gupta. The patient was expressing his frustrations about the lack of good vocal care available to voiceover artists. Further investigation confirmed that no physician had ever lectured or presented at this meeting. How can a whole community that relies on their voice for their livelihood not know about preventative care?

OHNI saw a clear link between the voiceover community and OHNI’s Voice Division, headed by Dr. Reena Gupta, which promotes the care of the professional voice, and became premier sponsors.

At the event, Los Angeles laryngologist, Dr. Reena Gupta, from the Voice Division of OHNI did free vocal screening exams. The booth was inundated by artists who had never had their voice evaluated. Dr. Gupta was pleased to be able to help these artists, but found it troubling that people who rely on their voices for their livelihood don’t take better care of their voices.

Dr. Reena Gupta at VOICE 2010

What is preventative voice care? • Establishing a relationship with a professional voice doctor before you have problems • Maintaining that relationship with regular check-ups to ensure your voice is healthy • Setting up a program for healthy voice maintenance • Checking in before major performances to ensure you’re clear to perform



A message from Dr. Reena Gupta, laryngologist at OHNI’s Division of Voice:

If you are a vocal professional, specifically someone who relies on voice for your living, see a laryngologist regularly. There is no better cure than prevention.

VOICE 2010 was a great opportunity for me to see the challenges to good vocal health among performers. If there is one thing I’d love for these artists to take home, it would be to have their vocal health evaluated regularly. This means seeing a qualified voice physician (called a laryngologist). I saw so many examples of easily remedied vocal problems at this event, and I know that these artists will implement the advice and have better vocal performance because of it.


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