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Ear Problems & Solutions

What is Cauliflower Ear?

by Casey Abrahams
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  Around the mid-1800s, speculations arose regarding the condition of “cauliflower ear.”  Some thought it was a symptom of insanity, while others argued that it resulted from the insane hitting themselves, or being struck around the ear by psychiatric staff.  The idea that cauliflower ear is related to mental illness has gradually dissipated.  We now […]

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Memorial Day Fireworks: Ear and Facial Injuries

by Dr. Belinda Mantle
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  With Memorial Day approaching, people are looking forward to celebrating.  One of the most common and anticipated events is the fireworks. While people recognize some possible dangers of fireworks, such as hand injuries, most do not realize there are other potential issues.  Most concerning, the risk of firework injury is highest for children ages […]

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Scuba Diving and the Eustachian Tubes

by Kira Furuichi
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  When scuba divers descend into the depths of the water, they may experience a condition commonly called “ear squeeze.”  This happens because the pressure in the middle ear and the outside atmosphere differ. The pressure of the outside environment is higher and therefore pushes inwards on the eardrum, which feels like squeezing of the […]

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Torn Ear Lobe

by Gentille Javidzad
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  People all around the world are getting their bodies pierced. The ear is the most frequent body part that is pierced. Along with this fashion statement comes the risk of tearing the ear lobe. Depending on the style, size, and type of earrings there is a risk of a widened ear lobe, which may […]

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Acoustic Trauma: How Loud Noises Can Damage Hearing

by Leah Broukhim
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  Acoustic trauma is caused by loud noises, which damage the inner ear. Normally, the brain process sound through a “domino” effect.  Sound travels along a pathway from air to the brain and if any piece of the path is injured, for example due to a loud noise, hearing loss results. In a normally working […]

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Swimmer’s Ear: The Best Prevention…Is No Prevention?

by Gregory Ha
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  Michael Phelps stunned the world in the first week of the Olympics, setting a record for the most Olympics medals held by an individual athlete. Many would say he is “not normal” with a wingspan stretching at six and a half feet and an appetite of twelve thousand calories a day. Yet despite these […]

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Ear, nose, and Throat Care for Your Child #1: Q-tip or Not to Q-tip

by Dr. Lorraine Williams
Los Angeles ENT Doctors

You may have heard the old adage that you should not put anything in your ears that is smaller than your elbows. But why shouldn’t we use Q-tips? After all, isn’t cleaning your ears what Q-tips are made for? Is it true then that you should not use Q-tips to clean your ears? Dr. Lorraine […]

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