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Alex Fernandez

Alex Fernandez is the chief editor of medical resources at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute located at the Cedars-Sinai Medical Towers in Los Angeles, CA. A native of Los Angeles, Alex began his pursuit of a career in medicine while at the University of California Los Angeles. During his undergraduate education Alex became fascinated by the complexity of the human body as well as the variety of health conditions that often lead to its dysfunction. Alex realized that he wanted to direct his education and career goals towards helping humanity and advancing the understanding of the body’s most debilitating conditions. Throughout his time at UCLA, he became part of several research laboratories at the UCLA Reed Neurological Research Institute where he contributed to several epilepsy projects and publications including deep brain electrode development and implementation. In addition, he was recognized for his work in neurology research as well as volunteer work at the UCLA Medical Center. It was at this early stage in his education that Alex gained the insight and academic foundations that would assist him in defining his medical career’s trajectory and goals.

Following his graduation from UCLA, Alex was offered admission to the prestigious Keck School of Medicine of USC. During his medical training, Alex was able to more closely explore the intricacies of human medicine and further explore cutting edge research opportunities at the forefront of medical advancement. He was offered various opportunities to collaborate on neuro-ophthalmology research at the Leslie P. Weiner Neurological Research Center at USC. His contributions to the advancement of Multiple Sclerosis research were recognized and commemorated with scholarships and funding from the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers as well as the American Academy of Neurology. Alex has published various articles in peer-reviewed medical journals as well as presented at several scientific conferences throughout the United States. As his training progressed and the scope of his medical foundation became more sophisticated, Alex came to the conclusion that he wanted to contribute to medicine on a broader scale by redirecting his career’s focus from clinical to medical science.

Throughout his training, Alex has been a vocal proponent of community outreach efforts within the Los Angeles community. His current position as chief medical resource editor at the internationally renowned Osborne Head and Neck Institute has placed him in a unique position to further the development of an innovative and respected medical information medium.

The patient information portal at the Osborne Head and Neck Institute is authored by world-renowned award winning ENT physicians. These surgeons have dedicated themselves to improving awareness and access to otolaryngology information in hopes of empowering patients and decreasing morbidity and delays in care. As editor of this medium, Alex’s goal is to continue to augment the breadth of this resource and maintain its status as a respected international resource.

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